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Executive Leadership


Greg Tinfow Co-Founder and CEO
Greg Tinfow started Energy Informatics to address a specific problem: the mismatch between a rapidly-evolving energy services industry and the software tools necessary to make service providers successful and profitable. That goal has grown out of a lengthy involvement in science, energy policy, engineering, and software development spanning more than thirty years at venues as diverse as the US EPA to some of the leading energy service providers in North America. Before personal computers existed in government, he was developing desktop applications for financial analysis of energy technologies at the Energy Economics Branch of the EPA’s Office of Policy Analysis in Washington, D.C.—using a “repurposed” Lexitron word processor. His analysis and reprogramming of DOE’s COAL1 computer model was used by EPA to estimate the economic cost of “buying” various delays in the rise of atmospheric CO2 (published as “Can We Delay a Greenhouse Warming” in 1983: EPA-230-10-84-001).

As a consultant to energy industry R&D organizations in the mid-‘90s, he led development of some of the first web applications for on-line self-service by electricity customers. He has built software development efforts from the ground up as CTO or in the lead technical position at pioneering energy service providers including New Energy Ventures (now part of Constellation Energy), MACH Energy, EnFlex, and SunEdison; and has been a consultant to a variety of energy and technology companies. His academic background includes an A.B. in Chemistry and Policy Studies from Dartmouth College and an M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University.


Jason Xiao Co-Founder and VP of Engineering
Jason Xiao brings to Energy Informatics a long history of applications development for energy service providers. He has been a lead application architect and developer at, AES NewEnergy, Constellation Energy Group, and SunEdison. At SunEdison, Jason was the technical leader and mentor for teams developing SunEdison’s industry-leading operations center platform, market intelligence and sales analysis tools, invoicing system, and mobile field service platforms. He was also the designer and developer of SunEdison's tariff and rate database and monetization engine.

In addition to his experience in the energy software field, Jason has worked for companies that develop marketing management and traffic control applications. He has a B.S. in Industrial/Systems Engineering from Chongqing (Chungking) University and an M.S. in Systems Engineering from University of Arizona.


Jeff Martin Director
Jeff is the most recent addition to Energy Informatics, joining us to work in a variety of capacities, including business development and sales. In addition to experience in both at solar providers Douglass Colony and REC Solar, Jeff was most recently Energy Manager and Corporate Sustainability Specialist at WESCO, a Fortune 500 distributor of electrical parts and services. While there, he led the company-wide energy procurement strategy, developed resource-optimizing employee engagement initiatives, supported building efficiency upgrades, consulted both internally and externally on solar-energy projects, and implemented sustainability-focused marketing programs.

Jeff received both an MS and an MBA from the University of Michigan as a student in the Erb Institute for Global Sustainable Enterprise. He has an undergraduate degree in Civil/Environmental Engineering from Duke University.


Parjanya Rijal Senior Product Manager
In addition to his considerable analytical and technical contributions to Energy Informatics, Parjanya Rijal is responsible for developing product roadmaps, defining product requirements, and developing marketing communications.

Prior to joining Energy Informatics, Parjanya (PJ) served for nearly four years as a Product Manager and Business Analyst at SunEdison. In this position he led the financial and technical analysis, requirements gathering, and quality assurance for SunEdison’s suite of back-office applications, including remote diagnostics, field service automation, sales analysis, and invoicing. Prior to SunEdison, PJ worked in operations at Terrapass, a company that sells carbon offsetting products to individuals and businesses and at Environment California, in an advocacy role.

Parjanya holds a B.S. in Earth Systems, with a concentration in Energy and Energy Technologies, from Stanford University, and is currently working towards an MBA from the University of North Carolina.


Jennifer Reyes Senior Software Developer
Jennifer Reyes transitioned almost instantly from academia to the leading edge of distributed energy monitoring and software development. As the first hire for the EnFlex Corporation’s new San Francisco technology development group in mid-2007, Jennifer was instrumental in developing applications for the distributed monitoring technology that became the foundation of the SunEdison Environmental and Energy Data System (SEEDS™). Her varied experience at EnFlex and SunEdison included the development of customer-facing power plant monitoring dashboards, an application for remote configuration of plant monitoring gateways, development of SunEdison’s customer-facing information portal, and a variety of internal data validation processes. Jennifer also managed an off-shore development team.

Jennifer received her B.S. in Computer Science from University of San Francisco.